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  • 改性四氟板
  • SONFLON 改性四氟板包括以下其中型号:

    SONFLON 7800 白色改性四氟板填充硫酸钡
    SONFLON 7810 蓝色改性四氟板填充中空玻璃
    SONFLON 7830 红褐色改性四氟板填充二氧化硅

Sonflon 7800 has the best chemical resistance to strong alkalis. High mechanical resistance, high pressure resistance and strongly optimised creep properties are convincing features of the all-purpose flat gasket made from modified PTFE. The high purity of the gasket material, which is physiologically harmless,makes Sonflon 7800 the ideal solution for use in the food and pharmaceutica industry.
Thanks to its extremely high compressibility, Sonflon 7810 is eminently suitable for use in stress-sensitive flanges, such as glass, ceramic and FRP flanges. Very good anti-stick properties are an outstanding feature of the all-purpose gasket made from modified PTFE. Downtime is minimised as a result, while machine reliability and availability are increased. Excellent media resistance makes Sonflon 7810 the ideal solution for use in the chemical industry.
Sonflon 7830 offers a very good balance between chemical resistance and reduced creep properties. The flat gasket is not affected by concentrated acids either (except for hydrofluorides). The all-purpose gasket made from modified PTFE is therefore the product of choice for process industry applications.High mechanical resistance at both high pressure and high temperatures makes Sonflon 7830 the ideal solution for use in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

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